Corner Market

Corner Market

The Best Of Every Season

To keep our employees and customers safe, the Corner Market will not be opening as scheduled.

Spring & Summer Corner Market

While our Corner Market will not be open until at least mid-June, our greenhouses are still full of our famous hanging baskets and a great selection of homegrown veggie and herb plants. Online ordering with curbside pickup is now available.

Fall Festival Market

Cider, pumpkins and pies – oh my! Stop by our seasonal Fall Festival Market to shop for all your fall decor while snacking on our famous kettle corn.

Christmas Corner Market

Bring the whole family to roast marshmallows around our bonfire, pick out your Christmas tree and take a picture with Santa.

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Wed May 27th

Cox Farms

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aaaah i had forgotten that in addition to having a wonderful farm, a stand-up business, and the best Halloween content in Virginia, y'all also had great politics. Thank you, everyone from Cox. I can't wait until all this is over so I can come see you again.



I love driving by y’all on my way to work. Gives me a little more faith in this awful world.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Thank you!

Thank you

Much love, Cox Farms! Fingers crossed I get to play with you all this fall. ❀️

I love and will forever support you guys!! God bless y’all for trying to make a difference ♥️

You guys always come through!

Thank you!πŸ’

Suggested reading for white people who may have an issue with Cox’s amazing use of their platform

Thank you

Thank you, Cox Farms. You always get it right.

Thank you Cox Farms!

Thank you cox farms.

Thank you, Cox Farms. You all have my support for life.

Thank you!!

Thank you, Cox Farms!!!πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’―πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ’™#GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery #BreonaTaylor πŸ’”

The heart aches.

I go to Cox every year and will continue to support!!!

THANK YOU Cox Farm! We will continue to support you.

Wed May 27th

Cox Farms

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David Cox

Thank you ❀


This is why I will continue to support @Cox Farm! No matter the backlash they receive from the public they always let their position be known.

Thank you Cox Farms

Zach Procter Amber Procter

Noah Procter Shawn Vincent Procter

Thank you!!

Thank you my favorite farm EVER! Cox farms is truly one of my happy places and this just out me over the moon!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Now, if only we could get every “American” to agree with that...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!πŸ–€

Following to see awful people call themselves out. 🍿

Yes they do! πŸ’”

Cox farms always with the love and support ❣❣

Proud of you!

Thank you πŸ™πŸ½ Can’t wait to give you all my business again after Covid!


Thank you!

❀️ Amen πŸ™πŸ½ ❀️

Thank you!!

Yes they do! Thank you for your stance!

Always coming through with kennel corn and humanity.

Tue May 19th

Cox Farms

Sale Alert: Select hanging baskets are now 50% off! All geranium, petunia, and calibrachoa baskets are included. Buy online anytime this week (before 10 PM Friday) and pick up this Saturday 12-3.,13,15,16 ... See MoreSee Less

Sale Alert: Select hanging baskets are now 50% off! All geranium, petunia, and calibrachoa baskets are included. Buy online anytime this week (before 10 PM Friday) and pick up this Saturday 12-3.,13,15,16Image attachmentImage attachment

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Figured my patio needs some color! See you guys on Saturday!


Any more Better Boy Tomatoes to be released?


Best curbside system around! Please sell us more! I would love if you had a drive thru for locally sourced groceries!!! Keany has a safe and convenient system but they don’t sell local in-season food like you do, and they don’t offer enough for those of us who can’t enter stores. If you sold a box each of produce, bread and dry goods, dairy, and meat I would shop no where else and spend our entire grocery budget with you πŸ™‚

Tax the churches across the board

Legalize drugs and prostitution and tax people using that trash

Thu May 14th

Cox Farms

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miss you in vienna...

Aww, shucks... we miss you too, Monica!Come visit us at the farm!

Gorgeous Geraniums!

Kym- Everyone's favorite, Calliope Dark Red!

(Seriously everyone's favorite... did you know that Calliope Dark Red is the #1 selling geranium in the COUNTRY?)

It is certainly mine! I planted them in my deck planters last weekend πŸ™‚

my favorites are roses especially tree roses ! geraniums are nice but way to common ! I have 1 wild and one store bought Lambs Ear ! Home Depot had Lambs Ear this year !

@Cox Farms, don you have white geraniums

Will you be getting more basil plants next week?

My parents just planted the eggplant plant we bought from y’all. It’s a beautiful and we’re excited.

Sun May 10th

Cox Farms

If you have tender plants, bring them in or protect them from the cold tonight! ... See MoreSee Less

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I covered them all with trash bags and am hoping for the best.

What would you suggest for a tender heart?

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