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Online Shopping Information

While we cannot open the Corner Market at this time, our greenhouses are bursting with plants and flowers!


This page outlines the process for purchasing your plants online and picking up your order. If you have additional questions, please be in touch! 

How It Works:

Browse our offerings by selecting from the plant categories on the Online Shopping page. (Because the Corner Market is closed, there is no in-person shopping; plants are available only through online purchase/pick-up.)

  • Click on the item name to view a pop-up with detailed description and larger image. (The photo provided is not of the individual plant you will receive, but it is an accurate representation of the variety, color, etc.)
  • The available quantity will appear below the “quantity” field for each item.
  • To purchase, enter the quantity and click “Buy” to add the item(s) to your cart.
  • From the Cart page, you can review your selections, make changes, keep shopping, or check out.

You will receive a receipt by email which will include instructions for picking up your order. We do NOT offer delivery or shipping, so all orders must be picked up during the pick-up timeframe.

WHEN to pick up your order:

If your order is placed anytime before 10 PM on Friday, then your plants will be ready for pick-up on Saturday. Please arrive at the Corner Market Curbside Loading area between 12 PM and 3 PM on Saturday.

Orders placed after 10 PM on Friday will not be available for pick-up the following day; your order will be waiting for you at the next pick-up time. We do not offer same-day order pick-up.

We are starting with a single weekly pick-up timeframe, and we will adjust this as needed. If sales volume is high, we will add additional pick-up times on other days of the week.

WHERE to pick up your order:

Corner Market Curbside Loading Zone- this area is marked off at the entrance to the Corner Market at Cox Farms (15621 Braddock Road, Centreville, VA 20120).

HOW to pick up your order:

Pull in to the loading area, where you will see a row of metal plant racks with shelves. When you find your name, one person per car should get out and retrieve your items; everyone else should remain inside the vehicle. The shelf with your items will have your name on it, and you’ll find a copy of your order which you can use to review your items.

Please be considerate and maintain a safe distance from any other customers who may be loading. Load your items and return to your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Note: The farm, including the Corner Market, the climbing structures and play areas, the farm animals, the festival grounds, Foamhenge, and everything else, is completely closed to visitors at this time.

This is truly curbside loading, and visitors are not permitted to venture beyond the loading area. You will not be able to visit animals or walk around the farm or market area. There are no same-day or onsite purchases. For the safety of our employees and customers, we are not able to resolve issues with your purchases in-person.

Customer Service: we’re here to help!

As always, we guarantee you’ll be happy with everything you buy from Cox Farms. While it isn’t safe for us to assist you in person at this time, we are still committed to making sure you’re happy with your purchase. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us as and we will make things right for you.

If you have any problems, let us help! If an item is missing, if you are unable to pick up your purchase during the timeframe provided, if you need to return or exchange an item, if you purchased the wrong quantity, or if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, we’re here to help and resolve the issue by email or phone.

Still have questions?

Email us at or leave a voice message with our Customer Service team at 703-830-4121.

Online Offerings

At this time, our online offerings are limited to veggie and herb plants and our hanging baskets.

We will not have hibiscus, mandevillas, tropicals, or fern baskets in 2020.

We are not selling prepared food, jams, preserves, honey, or farm gear/merch.

For information about purchasing fresh produce (rather than plants), please check back for updates by June 1. We do not have any veggies or fruit for sale yet, just plants.


Due to the circumstances, we are growing much smaller quantities this year. This means we will likely sell out of many varieties more quickly than in the past.

The available quantities listed on the shopping pages reflect the currently available product; this is based on what is ready to go in our greenhouses. If an item shows a quantity of 0, this means that we do not currently have any of that item ready for sale, but often we have a crop coming that just isn’t big enough or ready to leave the greenhouse quite yet. Once an item is sold out for the season, we will update the shopping page to reflect that.

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