Drive-Through Market

Fall 2020: Drive-Through Market (NOW CLOSED)

Our fall season has ended.

While the Fall Festival will be closed for the 2020 season, you can still stock up on seasonal essentials. Order online, and then pick up your goods at our Drive-Through Market!


Drive-Through Market

Safely stock up on all your favorite seasonal treats this fall, from the comfort of your vehicle! Buy ahead online, and then follow the signs to the Drive-Through Market to pick up your items.

  • Friday, September 25 – Monday, November 2
  • Orders must be placed online and can be picked up immediately
  • Open for pickup Monday-Friday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • November hours: closing at 5 p.m. November 1 & 2
    • Market open for order pickup rain or shine

Wondering how it works?

Winter 2020 Market Process

Click the "Shop Now" link to begin shopping, and complete your transaction. Orders must be placed online; there is no shopping at the farm. You can shop online anytime, up until December 21, and your order will be available for pickup immediately (during market hours). Complete your order and keep your Order Number handy. If you're getting a Christmas tree, you will purchase it online. All our trees are freshly cut, premium Fraser firs, and all trees are inspected and graded, so you'll select the height range (4-5', 6-7', 7-8', or 8-9') and either premium or basic grade. (While all are officially premium #1 trees, we are being even more selective to ensure that every premium tree is perfect.) Your tree purchase includes FREE admission for our self-driven hayride!
Arrive at the farm during open hours (Nov 27-Dec 21, Mon and Fri 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Sat-Sun 10 a.m.-5 p.m., CLOSED Tue-Thu). You'll be asked for your Order Number, which can be found in your confirmation email and on your vouchers. From there, we'll pull up your order details and load you up with your items, except for the tree. (If you purchase a tree, at this point we will give you a tree ID card to put on your dashboard, so you won't get your tree until the end.) Let us know if you want your order loaded into your trunk, back seat, or passed through your window, and we'll do the rest while you safely remain inside your vehicle. Please note: We take COVID safety very seriously. Customers are required to remain inside their vehicles, and we ask drivers to please wear a mask when interacting with employees.
If you're doing the self-driven hayride and/or taking pictures at our Photo Ops, you will do these activities before getting your tree. We will give the tree a fresh cut and have it waiting for you in water, so you'll want to go straight home once your tree is loaded.
If you're getting a Christmas tree, you will purchase it online. (See "Order online!" above for details.) All trees will be shaken out (to remove old needles and debris), trimmed up (removing the bottom branches to enhance the appearance and ensure that your tree's trunk has enough clearance for the tree stand), and baled. We will give it a fresh cut and keep it in water for you so that it is ready to start drinking water when you get it set up at home. The tree loading station will be your final stop at the farm. We will use that tree card on your dashboard to know which tree you purchased. Our loaders will take the card and load the corresponding tree onto your car. Please note: We take COVID safety very seriously and will do everything possible to maintain our distance. If your vehicle has a functional roof rack (or a truck bed), we can secure your tree to your vehicle while you remain inside with the windows up. If your car does not have a functional roof rack, we may need you to open your car doors briefly and allow us to reach into your vehicle to tie down your tree. In addition to completing daily self-screenings, our tree loading team will be wearing highly-rated and effective KN-95 masks for everyone's safety.
Once you get your tree home, please get the trunk in water right away! Don't worry if your tree has a split trunk- it is harmless and very common this year. Find more tree care tips here.

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