Mask Policies

Mask Policies

We strive to provide a safe, welcoming, and fun farm experience this fall. Please review our mask policies before your visit.

Fall Festival- Masks Always Recommended, Required on Monday Afternoons

Most of the time, Fall Festival visitors are encouraged to wear masks but it is not required. In certain areas/attractions, signage will alert visitors to areas that pose a higher risk, due to reduced airflow, lack of distancing, or other concerns; even visitors who choose not to mask in other areas are encouraged to consider wearing a mask in these higher-risk areas.

Mask Mondays

On Mondays* beginning at 2 p.m., masks will be required for all visitors at all times. This mandate applies to everyone two years old and older. Masks may be temporarily removed while seated at a bench or picnic table, but masks must otherwise remain on at all times while at the farm, including on the festival grounds, within all attractions/activities, and while waiting in line. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to wear masks will not be able to visit the Fall Festival on Monday afternoons. Capacity will also be limited on Mondays to reduce crowding and allow for additional distancing.

*excluding Indigenous Peoples Day (Monday, Oct. 11)

Fields of Fear- Masks Always Recommended, Required in Attractions

Masks are strongly recommended in all areas for all visitors during Fields of Fear, but masks are only required within the actual haunted attractions (not in the Firegrounds). Masks are required at all times for all visitors within all haunted attractions (Dark Side Hayride, Cornightmare, Forest). Failure to remain masked throughout an attraction may result in expulsion from Fields of Fear without refund.

No Exceptions

Upon advice of legal counsel, we cannot make exceptions to the masking requirements outlined above (Fall Festival Mask Mondays and Fields of Fear within haunted attractions). Medical exemptions are inapplicable in this case. If you or a member of your party is unable to wear a mask, please visit the Fall Festival any other day (other than Mondays after 2 p.m.) or enjoy the Firegrounds during Fields of Fear.

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