Winter 2020 note

Winter 2020: A Very Different Christmas

Our Corner Market will not be opening, but we will still have our beautiful Christmas trees, wreaths, and holiday treats available for pickup at our drive-through… as well as our popular self-driven hayride, now with a dash of Christmas cheer!

A note from Cox Farms:

To keep everyone safe, we have made the difficult decision not to open the Corner Market this winter. We are sad and disappointed that we cannot safely offer you that magical winter wonderland Christmas experience this season, but we are excited to introduce our Winter 2020 offerings. Cox Farms will still have our beautiful Christmas trees, wreaths, and holiday treats for you… as well as our popular self-driven hayride, now with a dash of Christmas cheer!

We really, really wanted things to be different. Even after we accepted that normalcy would not resume in time for us to do our big season in the fall, we still held out hope that we could have Christmas. We recognized that Santa visits would not be an option, and we knew our usual marshmallows and s’mores offerings would not be safe, but we were still optimistic about salvaging as much of the magical winter wonderland Cox Farms Christmas tree experience as we possibly could. We know most of our customers are considerate folks who would absolutely respect rules about masks and distancing. We know that for many families, Christmas traditions are sacred, from the cheesy pictures to the endless deliberations over selecting the perfect tree. We are honored to be such an integral part of those holiday traditions for so many families in our community.

Here’s the thing: this pandemic is getting worse, y’all, not better. Yes, we realize that we’re outdoors and we have lots of space to spread out. We know that many other places, even indoor retail businesses, are operating close to normally, and we thought a lot about the ways we could mitigate risk for our employees and customers, but ultimately, we decided that the risk involved in opening the market- while low- was still higher than we were willing to accept.

Instead of attempting to approximate some version of “normal” but without those magical and traditional aspects, we are offering an entirely new and different Christmas experience this year that will be safe for everyone: our self-driven hayride with a holiday twist, an opportunity to snap a few classic family photos, and a drive-through market to safely pick up your tree and other holiday essentials. It will definitely be different, and it won’t work for everyone, but we’re looking forward to celebrating the season in a safe and unique way this year.

Like almost everything in 2020, this will definitely be different. Our offerings and hours will be more limited than usual. You’ll stay in your car for the entire time, except for a quick, optional detour at the Photo Ops station. The tree selection process will consist of choosing the height range and grade of your tree when you make your online purchase. Your tree will be chosen for you, so you won’t be able to compare options or see it from all angles before getting it home. We recognize that this approach will not work for some of our customers. If these changes mean that you’ll be getting your tree elsewhere this year, we understand that. We hope you’ll stop by for some apple cider and kettle corn, and maybe even a hayride! In any case, we hope to welcome you back to the Corner Market in 2021.

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