Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

Follow these tips to keep your tree fresh all season long!

Tree Setup and Maintenance

  • No need to panic if your tree has a “split trunk” or crack in the base of the trunk that may extend up the length of the tree. This is harmless and does not impact the longevity of your tree. Split trunks are very common this year due to the wet fall season and warmer post-harvest weather.
  • We will give your tree’s trunk a fresh cut at the base shortly before loading it on your vehicle. This removes the “sap cap” so that your tree will drink plenty of water. Get that tree trunk into water within two hours. If you won’t be able to put it up in its stand within that window, put it in a bucket of water in the meantime. If more than two hours pass before you can get the base in water, you’ll want to give the tree a new fresh cut.
  • If you won’t be setting up your tree right away, store it somewhere cool and out of the sun and wind (in the garage, under the deck, etc.). 
  • Before bringing the tree inside, stomp its base a few times on your driveway or other hard outdoor surface. This shakes out any remaining loose needles. Your vacuum cleaner will appreciate it! 
  • Pro Tip: Get your tree into the tree stand outside, before you bring it in the house. The tree is much more manageable when it still has the baler netting on it. 
  • Room temperature should not be more than 70 degrees. Never place your tree near a fireplace or heater.
  • Check lights and electric cords for cracks or fraying. Throw away damaged cords! If using older (non-LED) lights, turn off when you can to save electricity and keep your tree cooler.
  • Once your tree is set up, ensure your tree has water in the tree stand reservoir at ALL TIMES. This will help with needle retention and also keep your tree fire retardant. Check your tree’s water level at least once per day; some trees drink a LOT initially and taper off, while others may not take in much water at first. 

Tree Concerns

We recognize that this year’s restrictions are difficult; for many of our very discerning tree buyers, the notion of buying a Christmas tree sight-unseen, without browsing and selecting your perfect tree, may be daunting. We have carefully sorted and graded our trees to ensure that they will meet or exceed your expectations. As always, Cox Farms guarantees that you’ll be happy with everything you buy from us. If you get home and are unhappy with your tree, please contact us so we can make it right for you.

Normal Variations in Live Trees

Because we have real, live trees, it is normal for there to be some variations. Split or cracked trunks are normal and will not harm your tree or its longevity. (The only potential issue with split trunks is if you use the pin type of stand that requires a hole drilled in your tree trunk.) Some trees will drink a lot of water right away, while other trees are slower to start drawing water. A slower-drinking tree is not cause for alarm. Some trees will shed more needles than others. Often, much of what “drops” is actually old growth rather than the tree’s current needles. If you run your hand down the branch and do not end up with a handful of needles, then your tree is still retaining needles. Some amount of needle-shedding is normal, especially as the season progresses. Keeping the tree out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources will help your tree to stay fresher for longer. If you have any concerns about your tree, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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