Why does the price of my Fear Deluxe ticket depend on the date?

Fear Deluxe ticket prices are variable based on whether you visit during peak or off-peak times of the season. You can choose to save money by visiting during less-crowded times, or pay the premium Peak admission prices if you choose to visit on our most popular nights of the season.

If you visit on our first two nights of the season (Discount nights: Sept. 24 and 25, 2021), you’ll pay just $20 for your Fear Deluxe ticket! Deluxe admission on our Value nights (Oct. 1–2, and Nov. 5–6, 2021) is $25. On Regular nights (Oct. 8–10, Oct. 15, and Oct. 31, 2021), Deluxe admission goes up to $30, and on our Peak nights (Oct. 16, Oct. 22–23, and Oct. 29–30, 2021) it is $35.

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