What products are available at the Corner Market?

Our products change seasonally!

During the Spring & Summer, the Corner Market features tropicals, hanging baskets and vegetable and herb plants from our own greenhouses, as well as homegrown and local produce. During the Christmas season, we offer premium, freshly cut Christmas trees, handmade wreaths and stunning centerpieces.

We also offer a selection of local honey, preserves and tasty treats like homemade kettle corn, fresh donuts, cinnamon roasted almonds and more. We typically have local pastured eggs during Spring & Summer as well as local apple cider during the fall and winter seasons. During Fall, our Corner Market is closed while we offer pumpkins, apples and more at our Festival Market, which is located right outside the festival grounds.

With that said, because we are a small-scale producer, availability of our products changes quickly and often. Please email info@coxfarms.com or call (703)830-4121 before you visit if you are looking for a particular item – we’ll be happy to let you know if we have it in stock that day.

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