What are the vehicle requirements? How can I know if my vehicle is appropriate for the hayride route? (4 wheel drive, clearance, height, size restrictions, etc)

Most passenger vehicles should be fine, as long as they are operated safely, stay on the path, and obey the speed limit. Lowered vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, buses, and oversized vehicles are not permitted. Convertibles are permitted, and pickup trucks are allowed as long as all passengers are inside the cab. In order to prevent vehicle damage, cars should have a minimum of 6.5″ of clearance. Please review the vehicle dimension limits to ensure your vehicle does not exceed them.

Maximum Dimensions:  160 inches long (center of front tire to center of back tire, measuring from where the tire actually touches the ground) and 80 inches wide, outside to outside. Vehicles up to and including a Chevy Suburban or Ford F-250 crew cab, long bed are fine.

Clearance: Vehicles must have at least 6.5″ of clearance to safely drive the route.