What are the different types of Fields of Fear tickets?

There are two different types of Fields of Fear admission: Fear Basic and Fear Deluxe. Fear Basic admission includes entry into the Firegrounds and one Dark Side Hayride. Fear Deluxe admission includes entry into the Firegrounds, one Dark Side Hayride, one entry into the Cornightmare and one entry into the Forest: Back 40.

Fear Basic admission is always $15 and does not sell out. Basic tickets are sold until 10 p.m. every night of Fields of Fear, and a Basic ticket can be used on any night. Fear Deluxe admission varies in price depending on the date: Discount nights are just $20, Value nights are $25, the three Regular nights are $30 and our three Peak nights are $35. See the Fields of Fear Tickets page for details. Fear Deluxe tickets are valid only on the date specified on the ticket; if your plans change after you purchase your tickets and you now plan to visit on a different date, you will need to refund the original ticket and purchase a new ticket. Please note that Fear Deluxe tickets do sell out before 10 p.m. on our busy nights, so buy early online!

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