My Christmas tree trunk has a huge crack in it! What’s wrong with it?

That crack, known as a “split trunk,” is nothing to worry about. Split trunks are more common this year as a result of a very wet fall season and a warmer post-harvest period. The good news is that the split has no impact on your tree quality or longevity! As long as your tree gets a fresh cut and is kept in plenty of water, it will last all season long. The only time the split trunk can pose an issue is if you use the pin-type tree stand that requires a hole drilled in the base of the trunk; in this situation, the split could possibly interfere with your stand, but often even then it is not a problem. This year, many of our trees have been discounted to “Basic” grade simply because of this harmless split trunk, so you may be getting an extra good deal on a beautiful tree!

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