I am extremely particular about my tree. I HAVE to choose it myself!

For safety reasons, all trees are being sold sight-unseen this year, so you’ll select the height range and grade (premium or basic) when you purchase your tree online, and then when you arrive, the trees will already be prepped and ready for you to take home. Trees will be trimmed (to clean up scraggly lower branches and allow enough clearance for your tree stand), shaken (to remove old growth and debris), baled for easy transport, and given a fresh cut to ensure the tree drinks water and stays fresh all season. You will not have an opportunity to inspect or select your tree before you take it home.

We know this is a huge issue for many people. We accept that this could be a deal-breaker and some of our customers might go elsewhere for their tree this year. We can assure you that our trees are the same premium Fraser fir trees as past years, and we are inspecting and grading them ourselves to ensure that they meet our extremely high standards. As always, we guarantee you’ll be happy with everything you buy from Cox Farms, so if you get home and your tree is not acceptable, please contact us.

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