How long does it take to do everything? How long should I plan to stay?

Fear Deluxe tickets include the Firegrounds, a hayride, one entry to the Cornightmare and one entry to the Forest: Back 40. Fear Deluxe admission comes with assigned entry times for each attraction, so how long it will take depends in part on when you arrive and what times you are assigned. The very earliest you could possibly get through all three attractions is around 9 p.m., and that does not factor in spending any time in the Firegrounds.

Our earliest time assignments are either 7:15/7:45/8:15 or 7:30/8/8:30, meaning you will enter your first attraction right when the gates open, and you’ll finish your final attraction around 9 p.m. On very busy nights, entry times could go as late as 10:30/11/11:30, meaning that you would not finish your final attraction until around midnight.

Firegrounds Only admission includes only the Firegrounds, and you can spend as little or as much time in the Firegrounds as you’d like. Some folks spend several hours dancing, exploring Foamhenge, going down slides, roasting marshmallows, etc.

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