How does the Christmas tree process work this year?

First, you purchase your tree online. All trees are premium Fraser firs, and you will select the height range: 5-6′, 6-7′, 7-8′, or 8-9′. You may also have the option of selecting “Premium” or “Basic” grade within your chosen height range. While all of our trees are technically premium-grade, any trees that do not meet our extremely high standards in terms of shape, fullness, etc. will be sold as “Basic.” Complete your purchase and have your order number handy when you come to the Market Drive-Through to pick up. Your tree purchase includes a FREE ticket for our self-driven hayride!

If you’re doing the hayride or taking photos at our Photo Ops area, please do these activities first, before heading to the Market Drive-Through. When you arrive at the market area, we will pull up your order, gather and load your items, and then send you to the tree-loading station. From there, we will load up your tree and tie it down for you. For safety reasons, all trees will be sold sight-unseen this year, meaning that you will not be able to browse or select your tree. All trees have already been inspected, trimmed up, shaken out, baled, and given a “fresh cut” so they will drink water and stay fresh all season long.

You will remain safe and warm inside your vehicle during this entire process. If you have a functional roof rack (or truck bed), we are able to secure your tree to your vehicle while you stay inside, with windows up, to maintain a safe barrier between you and our employees. If you do not have a functional roof rack (if you have only rails, or nothing), we may need to briefly open your car doors and reach inside to secure your tree. We are not able to maintain distance during this process, but it will be very brief and our employees will be wearing effective KN-95 masks at all times.

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