Can I upgrade my ticket if my plans change?

If you purchase tickets in advance and your plans change, we’ve got you covered!

Fall Festival tickets come in four tiers (Discount $7, Value $11, Regular $15 and Peak $20), so your existing ticket may still be valid depending on when you plan to visit. To view the calendar with dates and pricing for the full season, visit our Ticketbooth.

Discount admission tickets are valid on Discount dates.

Value admission tickets are valid on Value dates and Discount dates.

Regular admission tickets are valid any date of the current Fall Festival season EXCEPT for Peak dates.

Peak admission tickets may be used any date of the Fall Festival season.

If you pre-purchased Discount, Value or Regular tickets and plan to visit on a date other than the valid dates listed above, you can either request a refund online and purchase new tickets, OR use your pre-purchased ticket as an upgrade voucher, paying the difference at the Ticketbooth when you arrive. (Please note: to upgrade when you arrive, you must use the regular ticket line, not the E-Ticket Express line.)

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