Can we play music in the car? Are there sound effects on the hayride?

You may play music in your car as long as the volume is low enough to avoid disturbing other visitors, but keep in mind that you’ll probably miss our hayride sound effects if you’re playing music. To optimize your hayride experience, we recommend you immerse yourself by putting the windows down at least a little, […]

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, we have portable toilets available for visitors in several areas, including near the farm entrance on your way to the hayride, near the photo ops after the hayride, and in our market ordering lot. Please note that there are not sinks for handwashing, but we do have hand sanitizer available.

Is there ANYWHERE we can get out of our car?

Visitors are permitted to exit their vehicles at our Service Area, which is located with the photo ops near the market drive-through and exit. This area will include portable toilets, hand sanitizer stations, and photo ops for a quick family selfie so that you’ll always remember this unique Cox Farms experience of 2020. Everything else- […]

What if I change my mind about an order/item?

Adjustments to your order must be handled online. To add an item, simply complete a new transaction, and be sure to have both receipts/bar codes ready for us when you pick up. To remove an item or initiate a refund, log in to your account at and locate the transaction under “Recent Transactions” to […]